Basics: Glucose, Cane Sugar & Starch

1. Glucose 30g

Pure glucose, monosaccharide, is said to raise blood-glucose level most acutely, and so could be most dangerous to people with diabetes.

3g each. Took 10 of them.

Blood Glucose Level (mg/dl)

  • Fasting: 77
  • 30min: 172 (+95)
  • 60min: 81
  • 120min: 86

2. Cane Sugar 30g

The most common sweetener in Japan (and probably in the world). Cane sugar mostly consists of disaccharide.

6g each. 5 taken.

Blood Glucose Level (mg/dl)

  • Fasting: 77
  • 30min: 170 (+93)
  • 60min: 148
  • 120min: 99

3. Starch 30g (83g of cooked white rice)

Staple food for Japanese. Carbohydrates in the form of starch, oligosaccharide, make up of about 35-36%(in weight ratio) of cooked rice, so that 83g of the cooked rice contains about 30g of carbs.

Blood Glucose Level (mg/dl)

  • Fasting: 77
  • 30min: 142
  • 60min: 170 (+93)
  • 120min: 145


I tested these three major saccharides and found that there are no big difference as to the influence to blood-glucose level.

The only difference is that the peak time of BG level of rice is somewhat slower.

Some say starch, oligosaccharide, is complex and does not raise BG level as acutely as simpler mono-or bi-saccharide.

Seems like it’s not true to me. As you see in the graph, they are all the same.



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